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Webinar: Mental Health in the Workplace 2021 in partnership with Austin Business Journal 
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DreamJobbing With... Dr. Nahal Delpassand

Dr. Delpassand has been working in the field of Counseling Psychology for eight years. She has been in private practice for four years. Dr. Delpassand completed her doctorate in counseling psychology at Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio. She completed her doctoral residency at Emory University in Atlanta.

Dr. Delpassand enjoys working with adolescents and adults. She would describe herself as a solution-focused, future-oriented psychologist. While traditional models of long term therapy can be helpful, Dr. Delpassand believes in the benefits of brief therapy and empowering clients to cultivate a life that is in alignment with what they value. 


Dr. Delpassand believes that all her clients possess inherent strengths to address the problems of living but recognizes that in times of distress these strengths can be dormant. She values helping clients realign with the power of their intrinsic potential. Dr. Delpassand emphasizes cultivating a safe, trusting environment that allows for collaboration, empathy, and awareness so that sustainable progress will ensue. Watch video interview below.